Bollards and Road Blocks

Rising road blockers and rising bollards are designed to provide security against ram raiding. The key features of the blockers and bollards are their heavy duty construction and speed of operation. We offer a full service which includes an initial site visit, supply, installation and final commissioning.

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These road blocks can be used for the following:-


Car park access control Warehouse protection
Military sites Palace security
Protection against ram raids Building security
Government buildings Distribution centres
High security data protection buildings

Rising Road Blockers

ORB Series automatic rising road blockers provide a very high level of security against ram raiding. The design of this road blocker will destroy the offending ram raider whilst keeping your building, staff and assets safe.These wedge shaped blockers can be supplied to rise to heights from 350mm to 1000mm and up to an overall width of 5 meters. These road blockers will flush fit with the road surface when not in use.